‘Women are swimming in health information but don’t know which sources to believe: 53% think they can get the best health information online while only 31% of these women trust online sources. Not only are women starved for resources, but they don’t trust the professionals who try to serve them. Of the women surveyed, 78% don’t fully trust their insurance provider, 83% don’t fully trust the pharmaceutical company that makes their medicine, and 35% don’t fully trust their physician.’

‘The healthcare industry needs to start taking women seriously’, Harvard Business Review May 28 2015

Of course customer trust is fundamental to any business. But particularly for corporations operating in ‘life and death’ markets, where the intrinsic conflict between selling potentially life saving products and making profits - tends to erode trust.

empathy has particular expertise in communicating to women, the drivers of most healthcare purchasing decisions, in a way that engenders trust.

When we talk with women, it’s personal. Based on an honest relationship between equals. No corporate hiding place. No brand monologues. No streams of impenetrable scientific jargon.

We celebrate the positives of living in a longevity revolution. Celebrate the inner human body as well as the outer.

We talk in a way that removes the shame and embarrassment felt by many women needing help, and instead give them confidence to reach out for healing solutions.